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"Nobody In The NBA is Doing What You Are Doing" Former Detroit Piston, Will Bynum

"Nobody Has Ever Shown Me That, Amazing" Denver Nugget, Wilson Chandler

*All 4th-12th grade training in Rochester has moved to


About Coach Sullivan

I spent three summers working at Attack Athletics with the renowned Tim Grover (known for being Jordan, Kobe, Wade's trainers) and current Dallas Mavericks player development coach Mike Procopio. I worked with many NBA, foreign, and college players during those years.

Coach Sullivan, has coached and taught in the high school level for thirteen years and started one of top AAU programs in the country, Upstate Elite.

As a coach he has won major National AAU tournaments such as the Rumble in the Bronx, Rhode Island Jam Fest, and even defeated the number one ranked team in the country in AAU Nationals.

Our local program has trained over 400+ local players, including Div 1 - Div 3

Coach Sullivan, has worked the country's top camps including both Five-Star and Hoop Group Elite camps. Coach Sullivan also played four years of college basketball, played at the point and was a team captain.

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