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Bring the Best Player Development Program to Your Gym or City  

There is a reason that high schools brought us in to train their players.  We make players better fast; our staff experience includes playing collegiately from Div 1 to Div 3 and our coaching experience runs from youth programs, high school, to NBA players.

We trained an entire town's select program, 3rd-8th grade and the results were clear from parents, coaches, and opposing teams: players improved in all aspects of their game.

We are willing to travel to your city with one of our camps, contact for details

Team Training

Coaches handle a lot of responsiblity in-season and during the off-season. Why not let us handle the player development for the program or for the team. We have specific curriculum we follow to develop players for success & if you have some abover average players, we will take them even higher.

Bring any of the three camps/sessions to your school or contact for special situations

Core Training Sessions

Can be run as 3-8+ days
Each session an hour or hour fifteen

This is our regular training system where we look to improve players fast.

Improve your entire game with core basketball training. Learn proper footwork, one-on-one moves on the catch and on the dribble, movement shooting, transition, ball handling, etc...  

Five Day Skills Camp

More Knowledge in 5 days than a Summer of Camps. Can be condensed to 3-4 days

At Rim Finish: both hands, reverse, spin, jump stop, jump stop spin back ,...
On Drive Finishes: Step back, floater, side step, pull up, under leg, ...
On Catch: release pressure, score on high defender, score on low, ...
On Dribble one-on-one: slides, slides cross, create space, half turn, ...
Ball Handling: beating full court pressure, speed changes, defender off balance, ...
Transition: Cross jab layup, inside out, hesi off hand w/ various finishes, push cross back, ...
Step-out midpost/3pt line : entire series to score based on defense
Additional Skills: creating and attacking angles, special one on one moves, scoring on the catch, scoring with pressure on the catch and more ... 

Phase 1 Camp

3 Day Camp
3 hours each day

Includes three parts

Part 1: An hour of basketball training, working on individual skill work.

Part 2 : Video analysis of offensive concepts such as pin downs, reading screens, basic offensive sets, proper spacing, pick and roll reads, proper slides for offensive movements.

Part 3: Implementing the video analysis into game and live 5-5 scrimmaging situations,
with play stoppage for instructional teaching..


The biggest complaint for 3rd -8th grade town select teams is player development. You have volunteer coaches who get maybe an hour a week to work on offense, defense, press, etc... and they never get much time to implement player development.  We can come to you and work out your entire Travel program.

We adjust workouts based on age/grade of each group.

Lets Talk

Pricing is based on different factors: Please send details on your program