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1. Is this for beginner or higher level?

 Does not matter where your son or daughter is talent wise, we will work with them and make them better.  We like to group players based on skill level. We can work with a group of 3rd-4th graders, or a group of division one players. This is for everyone

2. My son or daughter has summer league or another commitment on certain nights, what can I do?

 You can do all Tuesdays or all Mondays –  Does not matter what combination you do

3. Why is basketball training important,  he or she usually just does camps. 

At camps you learn certain skills or moves, but training is an environment where you practice these moves and various basketball situations. Many of these moves need to become muscle memory.  That is, you do them as second nature in a game without thinking. Your prepared!

It is not an accident that you come off a screen and hit a shot in the season.  All summer maybe you worked on that twice a week.  It is not an accident that you ball faked hard and drew a foul, you worked on it during the summer. It is not an accident that you hit a jump shot on transition, you worked on it all summer. Training gets you ready to win.

We take game situations, and we work on them, so when your in the game, its natural. Plus I continuously add moves to players as they excel and fine tune their game. I teach things nobody else is teaching.

4. We do this camp or do this, etc…

That is great, I advise everyone to work with or go to various camps etc…  However, we have a proven track record of making players better faster than anyone.  We also have the experience to take a player to the next level, whatever level that may be.

5. Have a question – just ask me please




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