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Full Player Breakdown

Do you want to raise your game?
Become more efficient?
Extend your playing career?

Get a complete breakdown of your offensive game with video analysis.  
Each player's analysis is unique; improvements could be in your transition, shooting, one-on-one situations, mid-post, and more... two examples are below

Invest in You!

Wilson Chandler

Wilson wanted an overall improvement plan. The write-up references certain videos to watch. From this a Player Development Plan could be created for training.

*this is not all the videos/just a few*

1. Click to see Chandler's Improvement Plan.pdf

2. Chandler's Iso Video

Wilson Chandler Transition Video

Iso Kawhi Leonard & Paul George Video

Will Bynum

I believed Will Bynum could extend his playing career if he fine tuned/adjusted his shot and also do an ovarall improvement plan. His season after the adjustments resulted in his 3 point shot percentage moving to 32% compared to career percentage of 27% I believed in Will & he believed in me. 

*  this is just a few of the videos
*  Bynum's Shot Video

I created a number of videos for Will to study as we developed his summer workout plan. It is the largest database of breakdowns.

 Kyrie Irving 

Another example of a player

Steph Curry

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